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Thread: Intel Core 2 Duo Macbook - Airport Issues

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    Question Intel Core 2 Duo Macbook - Airport Issues
    Hi all,

    I'm having a very odd problem with my Macbook that I was hoping someone here may have experienced and found a solution to.

    Currently, my airport is on and working. It will connect to my preferred network and work fine. But this is where it gets a bit weird:

    In the menu bar, the icon ALWAYS appears as the "airport on but not connected" grey bars. If I click on the icon it looks as if the airport is off - as it gives me the menu with "Airport Off: Turn Airport On" in it. Clicking this does nothing.

    In Internet Connect the opposite is true. It shows the Airport as on, and displays the "Turn Airport Off" button. Clicking this (again) does nothing.

    A picture tells a thousand words - so here you go. Conflicting, no?! I promise, no photoshopping was done!

    I can't add new networks or change settings because as far as the menu is concerned the airport isn't on.

    I've tried all I can think of to sort this out and it's still the same.

    There are 2 things that have happened recently with may or may not be related to this problem:

    1. Software update recently downloaded the new airport update from Apple. I know some people have reported problems with this but initially it worked perfectly after restarting, and I've seen no reports of this type of issue.

    2. The problem first started when I was buriing a DVD from iDVD. No idea why. I first assumed that iDVD disabled the airport while it was burning (again - don't know why it would) but that wasn't the case.

    If anyone can offer any ideas I'd really appreciate it!


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    I have the exact same problem. It started after I installed the new airport update. Anyone else know how to fix this?


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    I've had no answers yet - either from here or the apple forums. I don't think it can be a very common problem but it's certainly annoying!

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    SOLUTION to airport internet error
    hey guys

    hopefully, you're in luck. The exact same problem happened to me 2 days ago and lasted for a few days. I use my laptop to do homework and write papers, so I really needed the internet to do research. I purchased a 3 year apple warranty with my black macbook, so I called them up thinking, "eff it, I payed for them to serve me." As it turns out, these little blips are a regular thing with the new macbooks and the remedy for them is very simple

    To ensure that the airport wireless network isn't bogged up with keys and wireless jargon that is stored in the memory, turn off your computer. When ou turn it on again, allow the first chime to go off then immediately hold down these four keys at once:

    apple and weird squiggly thing

    When the first chime goes off, hold them down, then the second chime will go off the same way. I did it three time then let go of the keys. The airport "cache" so to speak should be cleared now, and your internet should be picked up fine.

    I certainly hope this helps; I was losing my marbles when it happened to me; I know how you feel.

    All the best forum buddies


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    Hi taoqueen,

    Thanks for the idea - I didn't know about the 'reset PRAM and NVRAM' function. Unfortunately though it hasn't helped.....

    The search continues!


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    1. From your picture, you're already on a network- you have an IP address for your Ethernet. You won't be able to get 2 IP addresses at once, so disconnect the Ethernet cable.
    2. Delete the following file:
    3. Logout
    4. Set your wifi up again via Internet Config.

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    Thanks for the suggestion - I found that advice before via Google and gave it a try - but it didn't work. Just tried again and it didn't have any effect.

    The reason it's connected via ethernet in the picture is because I was at work where I do connect via ethernet. That's not the problem - at home it behaves just as described - connected via wifi, working fine, but airport "off" !

    This is a frustrating one...!

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    Got a similar issue.

    Airport especially hangs after Macbook brought out of sleep.
    Turning Airport off, wait 30 secs, then back on, usually fixes it.

    But it's a pain in the @r$e.
    It's quite recent, too. This Macbook has performed faultlessly for years. It's coming to the end of the extended warranty now, so I might give them a call, see what they say.

    Will report back if anything interesting.

    MBP 2.9GHz i7, 16GB DDR(Crucial), 512GB SSD (Crucial M550) OSX 10.11.6
    iPhone SE

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