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Thread: closing macbook

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    closing macbook
    when i close my macbook, it seems like it turn the computer into sleep mode.

    is there a setting in the system's preference where i can control what the macbook does when i close the case? I want to be able to close the case and have my ichat still logged in or have my itunes still playing.


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    That cannot be done. Closing the lid forces it into sleep mode and there is no way you can change that setting..the Apple way. I believe there is a program or two out there for this, but I wouldn't suggest it. What I do is put my screen settings to blacking the screen out. If your screen blacks out after let's say 5 miutes of inactivity, it will lengthen your screen's life/ save battery. It works out rather well.

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    Please do a search for this. This has been covered many times before.
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