Its only happened twice, but incredibly frustrating. It just did it a few minutes ago, I was using the computer and the numlock key flickered on and my keyboard and trackpad froze. At first if I moved my finger on the trackpad the light would dim. And then I couldnt do anything. I closed the lid and let it sit and opened it and I had some keyboard control and then it locked up again.

I had to unplug it and then take out the battery, when I restarted it it brought me back to where I was but this time I could move the mouse but not the keyboard. So I decided to make it autologin, so if I had to completely restart I could still access my computer. After that I decided to film the locked keyboard in a word processor and then it worked fine again. Whats up? >=(

Here's a video of it

oh and another thing, if I shut it down without having the capslock button on... when it starts up it'll be in reverse. Like it will be in capslock mode, unless I press it again so the light comes on, but it will type normally.

It hardly ever does this, so I dont know what to make of it.