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Thread: Keyboard

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    Whose keys on the keyboard is already broken??

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    Jun 03, 2006
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    how are they broken?

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    Dec 18, 2006
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    I voted that my keys aren't broken which is sort of true. My keyboard broke once but it was because I dumped a glass of wine on it one night. Now when I view the Crossover site with the pics of the MBP with a big glass of wine sitting next to it makes me want to sob.

    I think maybe the MBP keyboards with the backlighting might be a tad more sensitive and I am very careful with mine these days. The only real complaint i have heard about them so far is they have squeaky space bars.

    Wine Is Not an Emulator and evidently it also isn't a keyboard lubricant.

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    when i say that i meant that when u get ure macbook pro did the keyboard ever just popped out by itself for some reason??

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    Nope, I have never had that happen. Actually, I have yet to even hear of that happening (until now) to people. I think I would freak out of a key just suddenly popped out by itself

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    Nov 04, 2006
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    Quote Originally Posted by hiohokaybye View Post
    Whose keys on the keyboard is already broken??
    i think first you've got to figure out if you have a macbook or a macbook pro.

    also, after checking out a number of your posts, i'm starting to suspect a bit of flame-bait.
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