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    HD replacement void warranty?
    will replacing the HD in my c2d mbp void my warranty. ive heard so many different things on this subject. Ive heard that since its not considered "user servicable" on the pros, that it will void the warranty. Ive also heard that apple considers any HD replacement to NOT void the warranty in these machines, as long as the HD didnt cause a future problem?

    looking for more than words on this one guys, specific to the pro model. Need it in apple writing.
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    I called apple about this not too long ago. Basically you can do whatever the you want but if you screw it up your SOL.

    I called 2 weeks ago about replacing RAM, HD and disassembling it to get the case painted and thats what the guy told me.

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    My thoughts on it are that the manual only specifies directions on replacing or adding RAM. Even though I am technically able to replace the hard drive I probably wouldn't for that reason. I did do the RAM though.

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