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    Apple computer Inc. on Tuesday updated its iBook consumer portable adding a larger hard drive and giving the notebooks a speed boost.

    With the latest update the iBook configurations now reach 900MHz for all but the low-end configuration, which clocks in at 800MHz. Three out of the four iBook configurations received a 10GB increase in hard disk space, while the high-end model gets a 20GB increase bringing it up to 60GB.

    All other options on the iBook line, including RAM, video cards, optical drives and L2 cache, appear to be the same. Pricing has also remained the same on all but the high-end model, which has been increased by almost US$30.

    More information on the iBook configurations is available from Apple's online store.
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    Well looks like ive gota buy my iBook soon.

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    Looks like it might be time to upgrade my wife's iBook.
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