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    Powerbook Power Cord TROUBLE
    First post, greetings.
    After a couple of years of use I'm having some trouble with my G4 Powerbook charger/power adapter.
    The original had been showing signs of wear at the plug which connects to the laptop... and it had become very hard to disconnect it from the hole in the computer... anyway, the wire finally started coming apart so after going to my local Apple store and hearing about a three week back order, I ordered what was advertised as an "original" part from Brilliant Store on Amazon.

    In fact they were only like 55.00 so I ordered two, one for back up. I get the thing and within a week they have both cracked. The white plug at the end has cracked and the plug is coming apart. I assume they are from a defective lot. It should be noted, my original never cracked; the wire came apart but the plug never cracked.

    Here's my question; why is the plug so hard to get out of the computer? It does not appear to be bent or damaged. Has anyone ever experienced this? Can I lubricate it somehow?

    Here's the link to the Amazon store:;s=electronics

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    PowerBook G4 (alluminum)
    i've had the same issue with my PB and bought a new adaptor only to find out that it is very difficult to remove. i think the issue with mine is that i am still using a 256 card. yes, i know this is sad but true. the adaptor that connects to the pb is extremely hot that i cannot even keep my finger on it if firefox is open and am wondering if this is due to the heat expanding either the plug or the interior workings. i actually have to adjust the male plug in circular motions for the charge light to light up at times. i think i'm going to upgrade to a stick of 512 both to prevent this issue as well as further issues that may result from over working my powerbook.

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    Aluminum PowerBook G4. 15.2" SUPAH-drive
    powerbooks normally run, regardless of whether or not you have more ram.
    I have 2gbs of ram now, but i still run hot.

    my power cord doesn't work at times either, i gotta keep rotating it.
    it's probably from someone yanking it out, damaging either the cord or
    connector w/in the computer.
    PowerBook G4. iLove it.

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    My cord is fine, but it often doesn't like to stay connected. Either the cord, or the input in the computer is bent, it acts like.

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