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Thread: Can you shutdown the MacBook too much?

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    Jan 14, 2007
    Can you shutdown the MacBook too much?
    When I am going from my house to class. Or not using it for an hour or so, is it better to put my MacBook to sleep or shutdown?

    Should I only shut it down at night?

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    I never shut down my MacBook.. in fact I don't think it has been shut down for more than a few seconds the entire time I have owned it. I have never had a problem, and OS X is designed to be left on continuously, so I doubt it will effect anything if you leave it on all the time.

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    I bought my MacBook in October, and think it has maybe been shut down once (I forget why). I am generally only away from it for 12 hours or so at a time, and then just put it to sleep. Unless you plan on not using it for a day or so, then there's no reason to shut it down.

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    I always just close the lid on my iBook. It's good every now and again to do a restart, and considering every now and again you get an update that requires a restart should be fine with that.

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    There's generally no need to turn it off unless you're going to be leaving it for a long time, or if you're going to be travelling a long way. Even then it's optional. However, there's no way to turn it off 'too much'. The only problem with shutting it down a lot is that it will take ages to come back on when you need it, instead of the much handier couple of seconds to wake from sleep

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    i shutdown mine once a day because leaving it on sleep uses battery and restarting it refreshes the memory

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