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    How is Tiger on an iBook G4?
    I have an 800MHz iBook G4 with a gig of RAM.
    Can I upgrade from Panther to Tiger without much loss in performance?


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    Tiger will run pretty OK. You might not be able to render a pixar movie on it, but with a gig of ram you'll be able to run it - don't keep too many Dashboard widgets, use camino instead of safari, and don't intend doing any creative professional tasks.
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    I've generally found that performance in Tiger for the same stuff as you do in Panther is fine, even on slower G4s (~400MHz). It's the new stuff that slows it own; as yogi said watch out for DashBoard eating all your RAM.

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    Put it this way: It won't run any better, but it shouldn't be worse either.

    Widgets are a memory hog as others have pointed out.

    But if you don't have tiger yet, perhaps consider waiting for Leopard.
    That should run on your iBook as well and even if you decide against it, you'll be able to pick up a cheap copy of 10.4 once 10.5 is released.

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