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Thread: Buying my first mac... how much RAM do I need?

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    Buying my first mac... how much RAM do I need?
    Actually, I'm buying a Macbook for my wife, because she got a new teaching position and her old Dell laptop is pretty outdated. I'm going for the 2.0GHz model, but since I have NO experience with OSX I'm having trouble guesstimating memory needs. She'll probably want to run, simultaneously, PowerPoint (or maybe Keynote), Word (or perhaps Pages), an e-mail client, and a web browser. Maybe CrossOver occasionally to run Picasa2. Probably not going to mess with Parallels.

    For me, with XP, 1GB is the bare minimum, and 2GB is preferable because I like things to, as they say, "pop", however as I said before I have never used OSX so I don't know if memory requirements are similar between the OSes. Should I pony up the extra $160 for the 2GB upgrade? Or will the standard 1GB provide a smooth experience for her? Thanks for any advice!

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    I like to think 1GB as the bare minimum to run OS X. It will run on 512 fine, but the benefits of more RAM are very nice. She would probably be fine with the 1GB, but it will be noticbly faster with 2GB of RAM. I noticed a huge difference when I upgraded my RAM from 512MB to 1.5GB.

    So if you can afford it, get the 2GBs.
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    1gb should be fine. but you seem like the type who likes very high performance so maybe you should go for 2gb.

    OSX uses around 500MB for itself.
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    If she is intending to use the above mentioned apps. 1GB would be enough. However she may experience a small lag with ppt, since MS Office is not yet a Universal Binary (Native Intel Mac). 1GB should be fine.

    If you find 1GB not good enough, you can always look for a good offer from a cheaper online store and add it at a later stage.

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    I would just go with the 2gb of ram cuase then you have it for the future...dude also don't forget she is a can get the educational dicount and save alot..not only on the price of the comp but also the upgrades cost less. if you aren't already doing this.

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    I checked the Apple's educational website and to add 1gb it is $157 for students. I'm in that dilemma right now of adding 1 gb to my new MacBook, I have to buy a pair of 1 gb sticks to get up to 2 gb's and then be stuck with 2 sticks of 512 which aren't worth alot on ebay.
    Point being if you can possibly afford it, by it with 2gb's, $157 is not bad at all, highly recommended!!! OSX is a RAM pig!

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    I would also recommend 1gb for bare minimum. I still only have 512mb in my MBP right now and it's killing me inside, I wish I had the money to get 1gb or if I find a decent deal I might just go ahead and get 2gb.

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    get as much as you can afford.

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    1GB minimum, if you can afford it get 2GB.

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    Thanks for all the helpful replies. We ended up getting the 2GB. The best part is never having to wonder, "How much better would this thing work if I had got more RAM?"

    Now I'm looking for a KVM that works as well as my wife's Macbook, since she'd like to use her (very nice) USB keyboard and mouse and monitor with her Macbook while at home working on the desk occupied by her PC.

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