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Thread: battery life

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    battery life
    Just wondering how is the battery life on the new powerbooks, weather it is close to the ibooks

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    The battery life is a little less than the ibook g4's on the apple site it says the 12" ibook g4 is 6 hours and the 12" powerbook is 5 hours

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    Quote Originally Posted by varpunk
    The battery life is a little less than the ibook g4's on the apple site it says the 12" ibook g4 is 6 hours and the 12" powerbook is 5 hours
    Ive never really tested the battery life of the G4 15" I have though I know that I can happily sit on the train for 3 hours working between Word, BBedit and PDF's in preview with no battery issues. On Friday night I left the train at around 20.30 and put the powerbook into sleep mode thinking I would use it when I got home. I ended up going straight to bed and woke the laptop at 2pm the next day to find it still had an hour of battery power left. There is no way that would of happened with my old Dell.

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    Canít really say as I seem to get different amounts of time after each charge. Iíve had short as 3 hours from it before to high as 4.5 hours but never 5 hours. Think it depends of what your doing when using it!

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    Battery usage does depend on what you are doing. If you are watching a DVD movie you will get a little more than two hours in most cases. If you are just editing a text files, you get a lot more.

    Your power settings will also affect your battery life.

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    thats fine batterly life is not that much of an issue

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    I have never gotten anything over 4 hours of use, with the screen set to the lowest brightness, the hard drive set to sleep when possible, and no disks in the drive. I would definately suggest getting a second battery, or even a car/plane adapter if you travel alot.

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    depending on what I'm doing with my 12" could be anywhere from 2.5-4.5 hrs. I've never gotten six...or even five....though it's still fairly decent battery life. If I'm running heavy's more like 2.5...if I'm just using iChat and surfing the net...or just using word or apple's more like 3.5-4.5

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    I typically get about 3.5 out of mine with just doing normal tasks (email, web surfing, etc...) I have never gotten much more than that. I have a 12" powerbook, 1ghz model.

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