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    freezes then wont power back up correctly
    My powerbook G4 is really acting up. At first, every now and then when I would wake it up from sleeping, nothing would happen. the keys or trackpad wouldn't do anything. I had to hold down the power button to shut it down. Then when I would turn it back on, i could hear the hard drive turn on but that was it. No image, no sound. So i'd turn it off and on again. same thing happened. This would repeat a few times then i'd get fed up and leave it alone. After a while it would decide to boot up correctly.

    It would do that sporadically. Since then it has gotten worse.

    Now in the middle of use it will freeze. I would then turn it off, on, off, on: nothing. I can hear the hard drive but nothing else happens. Today, one of the times i tried turning it back on, i got an image but it was a system failure message. This happened twice.

    Any ideas as to what's wrong w/my lappy? It's driving me nuts b/c I like using it to take notes during class.

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    Jan 25, 2007
    I reset the PMU and PRAM but that didn't help. I then called a few places and they're thinking it's a logic board issue Now what? Is it even worth getting a new logic board?

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