hi, i was hoping someone could help me or just give me the bad news in a nice way.
my ibook g4 harddrive stopped mounting today. i was using it and all of a sudden it took me to the login screen. where i logged in again. and then it went blank. restarted itself and gave me a black screen with about 6 lines of code at the top left corner. without thinking i pulled out my disk warrior and tried to repair it. but nothing was working. grabbed my powerbook g4 and tried mounting the ibook via target mode. but the drive never showed up in the finder. tried to use the system restore cd as well, but it would just tell me that the volume had an error. just before i turned it off one last time, i noticed that there were no volumes or files listed in disk utility or disk warrior. it was saying my drive was blank. yikes. so i started it back up and i get the old school folder icon with the blinking question mark. can anyone give me a clue as to how to mount the drive or anything else. ??