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Thread: Macbook has problems.

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    Nov 10, 2006
    Macbook has problems.
    I recently purchased a 2GHz C2D Macbook. This is my first laptop, and my first Mac. I love this thing, and many of my friends and family are now considering one.

    Unfortunately I have some issues. I noticed a couple of weeks ago that my MacBook started to make a clicking noise from optical drive slot. This noise has been getting progressively more common and frequent, especially when the computer becomes hot from use. Also, other possibly related issues have developed.

    Just before a click, my computer will freeze briefly and I am having problems with CD and DVD burns. I suspect the hard drive may be failing, so I have purchased SuperDuper and have been vigilant about making backups to an external USB hard drive. This problem is annoying and discouraging as my computer now feels sluggish, and I don't trust it.

    I have checked S.M.A.R.T. and it says verified. I have also tried rebooting the Macbook with the supplied OS disk to do a hardware test it indicated no problems either.

    Right now as I type the clicking is occurring about every 5 to 10 secs and I am having constant freeze ups. This makes typing really hard.

    What is going on and what should I do?



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    Nov 10, 2006
    I installed Mac Saber to see if the sudden motion sensor might be the problem. Sitting flat on my coffee table and without touching it I see:

    Roll 10
    Tilt -2
    Force 0 0

    The number bounce a little, but very little, like 1 or 2 either way.

    I guess my table is not level. It appears that my HD problems are not related to the sudden motion sensor. Oh and my temps are now in the mid 50C range and the clicking is occurring every couple of seconds now.

    I guess I will call Apple today.

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    Yeah, I would suggest calling Apple. and seeing what they say.
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    are you sure you have all your firmware updates?
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    dont mean to hijack your thread, I have seen somewhere on this forum about a program or widget that you can download and it tells you the temps of your Mac and also gives you the ability to adjust the temps when the fan kicks in.

    I cant seem to find where i saw this. If anyone knows what iam talking about please provide feedback and a link.


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