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Thread: Battery charge seems off

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    Battery charge seems off
    Ok, I want to know what other MBP users get when just using the battery. I have screen brightness to the lowest setting, no keyboard backlight.

    Apps open:

    Firefox (browsing Macforums)
    iTunes playing a playlist

    I usually thought I would get 3.5 hours, but this takes me down to 1 hour and 56 minutes left. Is this average?

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    uhhh. its note great but its not terrible. there are programs out there that will tell you what your batteries Max & Current mAh values are. If its below a certain threshold apple should take care of you

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    The estimate the computer gives you can be way off. I've also seen it jump around a lot. And while I'm no iTunes expert, I would guess that playing music means your hard drive is spinning constantly which eats up a lot of juice.

    Right now, with Safari and Mail running as well as various utilities, my power meter reads 47% and 1:48.

    Turning off wireless and/or Bluetooth will save you power, too, if those are options for you.

    To keep tabs on your battery's progress, download Coconut Battery.

    If you do a search at, you'll find many good discussions about ways to preserve and extend the life of your battery. But over time, any rechargeable battery is going to get weaker. If you keep it plugged & fully charged a lot, or if you let it drain completely a lot, you are probably going to see it wear out faster.

    Hope this helps.

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    I dont think AT ALL playing MP3's in itunes will eat your battery like that.

    anything under 2.5hrs on a full charge, there is something else going on. The HD just wont use that much juice, well ever. try seeing if your cpu is 40% or above the whole time, thatll do it.

    but Nah to the HD being the culprit. even constantly being accessed, not under 2hrs like tht.
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    So as a test:

    Running Excel, Parallels, Mail, and Safari at 49%: 2h 03m of charge
    Start iTunes, play a song: drops to 1h 20m

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    You probably need to calibrate your battery. Your battery probably has at least 3.5 hours of juice, but OSX doesn't have an accurate estimation of that without periodic calibration. I was seeing my 3.5 hours of life drop to a little over an hour last week (and I've not calibrated since doing so when I first received my machine six months ago), but then I went through the process and am now getting the full duration again.

    Check Apple's support website, or the manual that came with your computer (there's a PDF under Library -> Documentation -> User Guides And Information) for details. Essentially, you fully charge your machine, unplug it, use it until it sleeps and then charge it again.

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