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    Question PowerBook for OS X with SCSI port
    I am interested in a PowerBook which will run OS X - and - has a SCSI port.

    Are there any PowerBooks that satisfy both those criteria?

    If so, what are they.



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    your probably not going to find this at all..first of all any powerbook that can find that has a scsi card in it will probably not be able to run os x and none of the new powerbooks have that port type anymore. the only think i can think of is if you can find an adapter or a pcmcia card that is scsi if they have any of thos.
    Do a search on google for it..

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    .hes right you wont find a pwrbk with a scsi port. if you do buy a pcmcia scsi adapter the transfer speed will be reduced to the transfer speed of pcmcia. cause even though the periperal is scsi interface its entering the computer through the PCMCIA i learned this the hard way with me buying a external SCSI HD and a card and i was pissed

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    I'd recommend a FireWire-SCSI adaptor.

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