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    How do i keep my macbook from going into sleep mode when I close the lid?
    Hey, I just got a new macbook today and am loving it, but was wondering where the option to keep my computer from going into sleep mode when I close the lid is?


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    Nope. Can't safely be done, and there is no option in the system to stop it from doing it. One reason it does it, is becuase some of the heat escapes out the keyboard. Leave the computer running while the lid is closed, and you risk the chance of melting your LCD display.
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    Not necessarily true. There's a kernel extension called InsomniaX that will prevent your laptop from going to sleep with the lid closed.

    StretchR has a point however, your machine will run slightly warmer with the lid closed. You're probably okay to play music that way, but I wouldn't leave anything running that'll kick up the heat much.

    You can also google for Macbook and Clamshell for information about running your machine with the lid closed while connected to an external monitor and keyboard/mouse. There's at least one thread on this forum about this...

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    Don't let anyone fool you, the MacBook is made to run with the screen closed (with external monitor, keyboard and mouse). Also this question has been asked so many times in the last week so please search before posting.


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