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    Overheats after shutdown
    Sometimes when I shut my macbook down, it starts to heat up. If I open it, nothing happens and the power button has no effect. The only solution I've found to this problem is removing the battery. After I place the battery back in, it starts as if nothing happened. It says "the computer was restarted after Mac OSX quit unexpectedly." The last time this happened, I noticed because I could hear the fans blowing, despite the fact the machine was supposed to be off. The first time it happened I thought perhaps I had closed the computer without allowing the screen to go black, but since then I have watched it and waited for the screen to go black when shutting down. The battery is always drained after an episode like this. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    You need to contact Apple, since it's a Macbook it should still be under warranty I think. This is not normal behavior.

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    This happened to me when I first got my MacBook. It is caused by closing the lid before it has fully shut down. Apparently, in simplistic terms, the macBook gets "confused" about whether it is sleeping or shutdown and OSX "throws a wobbly" (to quote the guy in the London Apple store).
    One should wait about 5 seconds after the light goes out before closing the lid. the problem has not reoccured.

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