My friend had me fix her iBook G3 over the weekend. All that was wrong with it was the OS got corrupted somehow. I reinstalled Mac OS 10.2 and its working fine. In fact, I am posting this using it right now.

I am going to try and convince her, since I believe she is looking for a new upgrade anyway, to buy this old machine. Sure, it may be old, but for someone like me with not much money, and is about to start college, I see this old machine as something that might last me until I get some extra cash. I have a couple questions real quick though.

1: How much is one of these worth? It's basically a stock iBook G3 500Mhz, 192MB/RAM, CD-ROM, Airport, 10GB Hard Drive. How much would be fair market value to pay for this laptop, so I don't rip the girl off should she decide to sell this thing?

2: If I do buy it, I plan on upgrading it. I think the RAM and HDD should probably be upgraded, but what else can be upgraded to improve performance for not much money? Where can I buy the parts for this?

3: Before I do any of this, is it worth my time or should I look at another Mac OS laptop for my needs?

Any other comments/concerns are appriciated. I havent messed around with an Apple laptop since my old Powerbook 145, lol.

Thanks very much everyone.