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    extreme Mac Newb... upgrade VRAM?
    Hi everyone - as stated above, I am a total Mac newb... just recently picked up a macbook pro, and totally love it - should have done it a long time ago. One question though - the model I have has an ATI Radeon X1600 w/ 128MB RAM... is it possible to upgrade that to 256MB? Thanks in advance -


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    As far as I know, and this is pretty much true for most if not all laptops, vram as you put it, the video cards that are supplied onto the laptop are generally not user-serviceable. One, the video card/chip is directly on the motherboard, and chip makers don't often/if ever supply these chips in bulk. You may be able to find one online or at a store like Fry's or something, but .. I don't know if anyone has ever been successful in replacing the video chip for one that is bigger.

    I could be wrong, but at least in my experience for other laptops, pc laptops this is true, and I believe this is true for the mac laptops and even the desktops for apple (well besides possibly the mac pro).

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    its non upgradable, the only laptop to have this feature was a Dell and the support lasted about 3 months.

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