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    Hot Palms

    does anybody else who uses the ibookg4 get a really hot left palm from the battery area? i get it but then i get twitching in my left hand which is really uncomfortable and i have had to stop using the laptop keys and use a keyboard.

    any help???


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    Yes, the area to the left of the trackerpad gets warm... but the battery is on the right hand side - on my G4 anyway! I 'think' the hard disc is on the left - which is why there are a series of vents on the side - to aid cooling. The 'twitching' could be from the angle you hold your wrist when using the keypad - I 'float' my hands over this area rather than rest them on the ibook itself - I also float them because I know someone else who rests on the ibook and after a while you get two shiny/darker areas which spoils the surface (purely cosmetic I know!)...

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    Correct, the Hard Drive is on the Left. It gets a bit warm but has NEVER bothered me in anyway using it for hours. The side with the battery (The Right Side) is very cold on my iBook 1.33Ghz.

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