After looking through a few sites, I have concluded that the laptop I procured today is indeed a 667Mhz G4 with a board that has gone south. Mainly due to the fact that the laptop does not like to run off of the battery, only the AC adapter keeps it happy. The laptop had a very short life under the capable hands of a researcher at the facility that I work. Of course protocol requires we remove the hard drive before discarding the unit. The unit was being discarded due to the fact that the Prof. Einstein here spilled coffee onto it.
Thus I found a friend who had a 800 Mhz G4 DVI Logic Board sitting around and I'm thinking of upgrading this laptop.
My question is, obviously, the airport card, screen remain the same, I might need to modify the VGA > DVI port on the back of my chassis, I could do that in a few minutes with a dremel however my confusion stems from issue over the optical drive and DC Inverter.
I'm certain a few of you have thought about or upgraded your Onyx powerbooks to DVI powerbooks.
Any advice or few words on the matter?
From pictures, the DVI board is shorter in length compared to the Onyx board and the optical drive seems a bit different.
So do I need to swap out the optical drive and the DC Power inverter?
What other components require change?

I would really appreciate any input. Thanks in advance.