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    Power adaptor led colors?
    I just got my MacBook Pro but when I plug in the power adaptor the light comes on green and then changes to red. What does this mean?

    maybe my eyes are weird because now it looks amber, which is normal if it's charging, right? It does seem to be making a slight buzzing sound. Is that normal?

    (yes, I'm a "n00b", hehe)

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    Green = plugged in with a full battery
    orange = plugged in and charging.

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    Thanks. Finally figured that one out on my own. I've used macs but never owned one so I'm still learning these details.

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    I've never seen mine go red. But yes, the amber can look like red if you see it out of the corner of your eye quickly.

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    Yes it was in fact amber but the florescent lights in here always make things look weird to me.

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