howdy all, kinda new to whole Mac thing but i am really getting into it after being a long time windows user. However there are a few programs that i would like to run on my Mac in windows and therefore have attempted to install bootcamp with no such luck.

First off, i have checked my firmware on my computer against the "latest versions" list on apple's website and mine don't match; however, when i attempt to do an update, the installer tells me that i don't need to update:

On my machine:
SMC version: 1.13f3
Boot ROM version: MB21.00A5.B00

Apple says:
SMC version: 1.4f10
Boot ROM version: MB11.0061.B03

not sure if that has anything to with the actual issue, but, when i use the boot camp install assistant (burn the driver disk, partition, and restart with my windows disk) and then go to install windows my keyboard doesn't function at all; i can get to the initial install screen but can't press enter to start it!!!

any suggetions before i go to walmart and attempt to find a mac USB keyboard?