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    Arrow Wait time after ordering?
    Hi guys,

    Thanks for all your feedback and advice on my other thread regarding whether I should get a 12" or 15" PB. I already decided and purchased the 15" PB and I am now waiting for it to arrive. This waiting is really getting me, and I just want to know how long it took your powerbook to arrive? I live in Canada, so it might take longer, but please post up your story whenever you might have purchased your PB.


    All posts are welcome, thanks in advance!

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    Here's my update:
    My Order:

    1) Incase 15" Soft-tech Sleeve


    2) Aluminium 15" PB 1.25GHz
    512mb RAM (2x256mb)
    Backlit Keyboard

    Purchasing date - Feb 26, 2004
    Order #1 - Shipped on Feb 27, 2004
    Recieved #1 - March 4th, 2004
    Order #2 - Shipped on March 5th, 2004
    Recieved #2 - NOT YET!!!

    hopefully it comes soon...

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    well the computer usually takes longer to ship and in most cases comes from a farther away location. my iPod shipped from Shanghai when i got it last year
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    Quote Originally Posted by trpnmonkey41
    well the computer usually takes longer to ship and in most cases comes from a farther away location. my iPod shipped from Shanghai when i got it last year

    It came on time, which was in 5 days (shipping). This laptop is niiicee. So far, everything looks good, except the lid does not closed properly, but the latch locks, so that's okay. No pixel damage so phew.

    I'm very happy with my first apple computer, a big thanks to Apple : )

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    I know the wait almost killed me as well, I got my 12" PB about a month ago.

    I ordered it on a Monday,
    They built it on Tuesday
    They shipped it on Wednesday
    I received it on Thursday.

    It came from Taiwain and I also paid 12 extra bucks for 2-day shipping, well worth it if you ask me.

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    I had to wait for over 6 weeks(!!) for my Powerbook to arrive after the payment was cleared. It was from an Apple reseller in America so it took a while. And it cost me much less than what it is here in England, so I'm not too bothered. Got my powerbook 2 days ago!!

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