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Thread: ibook + heat

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    Smile ibook + heat
    i have a g3 ibook and i am thinking about getting a g4 I know the g3's run cool, but i was wondering do the g4's generate more noticable heat.

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    i have the 12.1 inch 800 mhz G4 and it stays super cool unless i use it on carpet or on my bed. its a very nice machine. and with my new discovery of "SleepLess" i have no arguments with it

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    I have 12.1" G4 too. I don't know if it gets noticeably hotter on bed. Maybe if you leave it there for a long time doing something CPU and/or graphics intensive.

    It gets hot under heavy load no matter where it is (well not so hot that it would be uncomfortable to touch). I've noticed that the fan kicks in usually after about 30 min ~ 60 min of 100% CPU usage.

    In normal use it stays pretty cool.

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