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    Macbook Pro Duo 2 17 Inch Display .. Any good?
    Hello I am looking to purchase a Macbook Pro 17 Inch I was wondering how the displays is? Can anyone offer comparison possibly to a dell "ultra bright display"?

    I am a graphic artist and need a bright clear display this is just about my only concern before I make the purchase.

    Any help would be great!

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    i don't know about hte dell but i know that there are two screen options matte and glossy. the glossy is supposed to have richer colors and such so better for pictures and movies and stuff. and i would suggest a mbp for you to get i have one and its great. do some designing myself.

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    If you are serious graphic designer, then go matte screen its more accurate.

    I have the 17 inch screen, and Its really nice, its really bright and crisp and clear. I love it.
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    If I may expand on the intial quesiton? I am new to Apple/Mac. I thought I would definitely purhcase the 17 inch with 1900x pixel resolution. It was a choice, for me, between that monitor and the 17 inch with 1600x pixeel resolution. From a video point of view, I was ready to go wiht the 1900 pixel count. But I was having difficulty with the text based applications as well as the text features in FCP itself, such as the time code window and the list of master clips and sequences. A nice individual from the Apple store showed me how to manipulate some of the text size in FCP and a few other applications. (But the time code window could not be changed).

    I am trying to balance what the higher resolution/pixel count offers me with the continued demands of higher pixel count on aging eye-sight--from a "text based point of view".

    Has anyone found a way to take advantage of the higher pixel resolution and manipulate the text issues to satisfaction?

    The 15 inch, from a text point of view was clear. Of course it does not offer the same video information. If I give up the higher pixel count (hi-def as it were)then there is little need to go for the 17 inch 1600x pixel count.

    I am trying to find a way to select the 17 inch 1900x pixel count and assure myself that the Apple tools are sufficient to take care of the text sizing.

    Thank you.

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