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    need help to switch to powerbook
    I guess you all want me to switch and pretty much so do I though I will never be 'ooh I hate windows' because I don't. But if I can do what I want to do on a prettier more portable interface I will.
    Following are the questions I need to know the answers to or I won't switch. I've been looking around all night for the answers, but have found nothing concrete. My switch would be to a 12" powerbook g4.

    1. DVD+
    I read that with 10.3 and a suitable drive (which is possibly standard by now, Sony or something) Mac does support this- though not in its own iDVD, iEtc...

    2. G5
    Is there a possibility this will be coming onto the Powerbook within the next 6 months?

    3. I don't want to go into a shop and be conned into buying old stock. What is the current spec and software package I should make sure it has. And in relation to 1, how do i find out what the dvd drive is?

    Thanks loads, hope you can help soon.

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    1. as far as i know now DVD+ is a no go on the powerbooks yet if you buy an external drive that is compliant then im sure your good to go but then you wont be able to use idvd cause it will only burn to the superdrives

    2. G5 powerbook...well seing as how the last macs to be updated are the emac and going to say that the imac is going to get the G5 before the powerbook does cuae the powerbook was just done over, some ppl have been saying that ibm does have a board and processor made for a powerbook G5 but i think they are just blowing wind out ... well yah you get the point

    3 for power book there was 2 rev of the Al's a 1 ghz and a 1.3ghz the difference was the 1ghz model could hold a max of 1gig of ram and the 1.3 was 1.5 or 2 gigs of ram

    no one wants to twist your arm into buy a mac nor ask you to forget about your PC but if you do get a mac..your going to find out like the rest of us your not going to want to use tha pc anymore...your going to find it awkward and annoying well personnally

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    1. +R works with external drives although iDVD will only work with the superdrive
    2. There is pretty good possibility. There have been numerous reports saying that the technology is ready for the powerbooks. Since they have not done any updates to the powerbook since september a june-august update to the G5 is a possibility
    3. You should be receiving Panther 10.3.2 as the OS. It should come with iLife 04' (Includes GarageBand).

    Here are the order numbers for the current models

    1.6GHz SuperDrive
    Dual 1.8GHz SuperDrive
    Dual 2GHz SuperDrive

    Combo drive
    Combo drive

    15-inch 1GHz
    Combo Drive
    17-inch 1.25GHz
    20-inch 1.25GHz

    iBook G4
    12-inch Combo Drive
    14-inch Combo Drive
    14-inch Combo Drive
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