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    "Sounds" coming from Macbook Pro- Normal? Is yours silent??
    ok so earlier today i was using my week and a half old macbook pro...

    i was using the web browser safari and it froze so i had to "forcequit" the program

    normally when you open up a program there is supposed to be a (not sure how else to describe it) low rattling sound coming from the upper left corner of the computer, that is normal right? for there to be some kind of noise when opening up a program...

    anyway well this "rattling noise" kept going for about 3 minutes and normally it does not go on for such a long period of i decided to restart the computer

    well the ratling stopped however i still hear it whenever im browsing the web...not sure if im jus tnoticing it now because uusually i have music playing and im just now noticing it because its silent?

    what kind of noises come from your macbook pro? i can also kinda hear the fan...its brand new! Is this normal?

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    A rattling noise coming from the upper left means the left fan is problematic and since you are still under the 14 day policy, return it for a new laptop. I had the same problem with my previous CD MBP. It is definitely a broken fan.

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    go to page search for soft shhMBP to stop the noise. I had the same problem as u but this soft work perfectly ( i tested on 3 macbook pro). Good luck.

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