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Thread: boot up time

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    boot up time

    so, I estimated that it takes about a minute and a half for my powerbook to completely boot up...from grey screen to desktop with airport loaded this slow for a powerbook g4 1ghz 768 mb ram? Caue my pc boots extremely probably 30sec...maybe a little longer...(though it takes like a minute to shutdown)....if this is slow...what does it mean? If it isn' there a way to make it boot faster....or is there a reason it's so slow?...I mean..once it's up and running there seem to be no problems...but I am a fairly new owner of a mac....and am still learning about them...I love them....just wondering about stuff...know what I mean vern?


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    i an't counted but my 12 takes a long time when compared with a PC

    the other day at the apple centrer getting a service the geek hotkeded the bootup and brought up the boot log instead of the blue screen and it was a pretty long and bizy looking bootup...

    remember these are unix machines and the os is a lot more completecated and they are true plug and play!!!!


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