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Thread: power trouble at 100%

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    Unhappy power trouble at 100%
    When i have my iBook connected to the power and i'm using it. It will charge till it reaches 100% (the light is orange) then when it gets to 100% the light will just turn off (no green light like before) The iBook will then use battery power untill i unplug the power and plug it back in. If i unplug the cable from the ibook it does not work but i have to unplug the adaptor from the wall and plug it back in for it to start charging again.
    It was working fine for 6 months but now it always does this.

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    i would say it has to do with your charger

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    Quote Originally Posted by PC HATER
    i would say it has to do with your charger
    I would agree. Get a new one.

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