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    Quick Question..
    hey guys..

    i have a little problem with my powerbook,I got an "X" inside the battery icon (the one that displays how much battery time/% is left)

    and it says.."No Batteries available"

    but i dont even have the AC Plug connected :rolleyes:

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    well the computer is on that is a good start.

    what happens when you plug the AC adapter?

    Have you tried removing the battery (when off or plugged in) and putting it back in?
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    That almost sounds like a problem that affects mostly G3 Powerbooks...The fix for them is called Battery Reset 2.0

    I have had to use it on mine (I have a G3 Wallstreet), but I don't know if that would even work for a G4 PB.

    Try running a search on Apple's support site to see if there isn't an updated version maybe?
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    there is no reset application for the battery on the G4 Al's that i know of, however the apple document i read said to perform the reset all you need to do is run the computer on battery power till it dies then charge it completly then discharge it again thus completing the battery re-set...enjoy..anymore issues give the wonder applecare a ring

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