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    What really is MAX ram for MBP Core Duo?
    I just ordered a Macbook Pro Core Duo 2.16 ghz 15" from the Apple special deals site. Its basically the highest one you could buy before the Core 2 Duo line got introduced.

    The problem is I keep getting conflicting reports of what the max ram is. It comes with 1gb already, and I've read there's 2 slots. Does this mean that one slot will be occupied by the ram that shipped with it or will there be two open slots? Will the max RAM be 2gb or 3gb?

    Confused, and I'd like to order the ram ram upgrade before the comp arrives? Does anyone have an answer? Especially those who bought this same comp.


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    There are 2 slots, the maximum is 2gb
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    What trpnmonkey41 said plus the Intel Core Duo Macs usually have a pair of ram installed. My Core Duo Mini has 2x256 meg DDR2s. I am almost sure the Macbook Pro that comes with 1GB has 2 512Meg sticks installed.

    Hope that helps.

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    First off, i have virtually the same mac as you except i have the c2d. I am pretty sure that the yours comes with 1 stick of 1gb ram. On your processor the most amount of ram you can have it 2gb's. That is one difference about the c2d and cd. the c2d can support 3gb of ram, and the cd can only support 2gb, even though they have they both have 2 slots and potententially they should be able to have 4gb (2x2gb). The processor only supports 2gb.

    So simply: i am pretty sure it comes with 1x1gb stick. And i am positive the max ram you can have is 2gb.

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    I also bought one of the Refreshed MacBook Pro Core Duos, and it had ONE stick of 1 GB for RAM. The max that the Core Duo models can accept is 2 GB.

    If you get the Core 2 Duo, it has a different Logic Board (motherboard), which can address up to 3 GB RAM.
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