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    macbook video card help
    Hi people....i am from brazil and want to buy a macbook ....but worried about video card memory...does it use shared video memory? (from the main memory) if so...can i allocate more or less memory for the video card? the questions coz i play flight simulator and its important issue for this game.
    i could buy 2gb of ram and alocate 512 for the video card?

    gotta know this cause this computer costs more than twice the price it is in the usa here..


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    Welcome here, mtsm.

    Yes it does.

    I don't think you can.

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    Dec 31, 2006
    does what? allocates main memory for the video card? what's the amount of memory it allocates? isnt it possible to allocate more or less memory?

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    It's all in the specs that I linked you to. And I don't think you can allocate more memory for video RAM.

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    Macbook Pro
    My Macbook can play World of Warcraft just fine, so its better then people say. Depending on how new/old the sim is, it may run fine.

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    My macbook plays Halo, Half-life 2, Sin: Episodes, and Unreal Tournament 2004 just fine. Of course, it plays flawlessly when i crank down the settings and play in windowed mode.

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