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    I have a G4 iBook with a slot-loading drive and was wandering if anything would happen if I left a CD in the drivew while I put it in my case and carrry it around school. I have never done this but was just wondering what would happen if I were to do this.

    Thanks in advance


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    you're not supposed to leave a cd in your stereo whenever you move it around, so its probably the same with the ibook....

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    Unlike a stereo in which you place the cd on a tray and gravity keeps it in place, the slot drive actually grabs and secures the cd in place. I am sure it's probably not a good idea to leave it in the drive all the time, however there should be no problem toting your ibook around the house with a cd inside. I carry mine in a backpack to the coffee shop and to worlk with a cd in it all the time, and never had a problem. Laptops are made to be portable, having it become unable to be moved when a cd is inside would kinda defeat the whole purpose of it being a laptop.

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