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Thread: Please Help!! System problems

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    Please Help!! System problems
    Hi there,

    I have a 15.2" superdrive powerbook, for about the last 5 months, and I'm running panther. Nearly all programs have started unexpectedly quitting, mostly when message boxes appear, or I'm trying to save files. It was infrequent at first, but as more software has gone on, it has become all the time. I've no idea what this could be, I have archived my files, so I'm prepared for a complete zero and start again, but only if this will resolve the problem.

    I hope someone can help me, (or tell me I should be in a different forum)
    thanks, neil

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    Try repairing your disk permissions in
    Apps --> Utilities --> Disk Utility

    After that if it hasnt changed much
    Reboot computer
    As soon as it begins to boot up hold down
    Apple and S
    It will boot in single user mode
    Once that screen is done loading type in
    /sbin/fsck -f

    When that is done if there were any changes run it again to see that it got them
    Once it says it was OK type in
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    I found a widget that will repair permissions automatically. Go to and get the mail knofabulator program. Then download the widget "Permissions Doctor". Whenever you run the installer it will follow up with a background repair of your permissions.


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    Hi again,

    so far I've tried the disk utility to repair disk permissions, and there were a few corrections, but it hasn't improved.Then I tried the single user mode repair a couple of times, and it told me the disk was fine. It quits out of apps when dialog boxes appear, but not every time, it happens on all sort of programs, from safari to illustrator.
    thanks for your help,


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