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    Unhappy G4 Powerbook problems
    I am having a problem starting up my laptop, running Mac OS X. It occassionally starts with no problem. Also occassionally, it starts up after pushing a few assorted keys. However, most of the time it runs through the loading screen, pictures comes on, shows all the loading processes, the last process it shows is 'Login Window starting'. Then there is no picture and seems to go into a standby mode. If you push a few buttons it will seemingly spin the cd drive and hard drive, still no picture and soon back into sleep mode. I am very new to mac's, but to my understanding this isn't suppose to happen. Any suggestions as to what the problem may be and how to fix it?

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    it's on AC power, and battery reads 98% when i can get the os loaded.

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    which buttons are you pushing exactly?

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    I don't know. It just happens. I loaded it on a external VGA, and it just sits loaded. You cannot do anything.. at least its not going into sleep mode with an external VGA.

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    can you boot from a CD?

    put a system CD in the drive and hold down the C key. see what happens. if it doesn't load up (probably see a folder icon with a ? in the middle if it's having problems) then you'll probalby want to take it to an apple repair center for warranty work.

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