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    The swich and Ibook questions
    Ok first of all i am new, to this forum and the whole mac thing. Ok here is my story im a pc user and i live in henrico county in virginia where they distribute ibook laptops to every child in the county.Anyways i have learned to love mac and the computer. Over christmas i ended up getting a toshiba laptop well it broke got another one after taking it back it broke ok i am pissed well now i am switching to mac. i really love osx and plan to use my personal ibook at school as well to sneak in some dvd time during a study hall or whatever. Ok what i am wondering about is the swich really that hard and are macs really as good as they say they are. because it think hat the ibook is a really sexy machine and i want my own. I cant wait. Can other people tell me about their experiance with the ibook. Sorry about the sp typing fast a school.

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    Thumbs up Once you get a Mac you Won't go back
    I got me an Ibook this past Christmas, just cause I wanted one. My wife kept nagging about you already have a good computer. So I got my way anyways ;-) After a week or so, she tried it out. The woman that didn't want me touching her PC cause it was set up just right, well last week bought a new 15" Imac, LMAO. The switch is not that difficult. I realized this. I still keep my PC cause there are some games well that I'm just addicted to, of the first person shooter type. Other than that. The switch is a cake walk. OS X is so freakiing easy to use, there are many programs out there that does the same thing that the majority of windows users are use to. With a Mac you are in a more stable OS environment, no viruses for the most to worry about.

    Hell this past week alone, on my PC there has been at least one freaking update everyday religiously for windows. Thats freaking ridiculous. For Mac I've only seen a couple for different components and like 1 or 2 for the OS itself.

    I say go for it dude, you will not regret it.

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    yeah i know it is crazy i

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    I got a 12inch ibook last november and love it. The switch is extremely easy because like the previous poster said, the Mac OS is so easy to use. It's definitely worth buying. The ibook has actually gotten me seriously interested in music again because of apps like itunes, garageband and the ipod. Plus, the ibook looks so nice and sleek, haha.

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