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    Can I play xbox on my screen?
    Hey everyone. I just got an xbox 360 a few weeks ago and I was wondering if there is anyway I can input the video/sound signals from the console into my macbook pro so that I can play the games on the screen. Is there any sort of cables or peripherals I can buy that will let me do this? At first I was thinking of doing it through a video editing program and making it full screen but Im not sure that would be the best thing for my Macbook Pro. It would be really cool if I could play it in HD.
    Thanks a lot!

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    something like THIS

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    The eyeTV hybrid from elgato would work great for that, however I don't know any way of getting it to play in High Def.

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    your best bet is to use eyetv 250 ( im an apple employee, from customer reviews this works the best ) because honestly you're gonna get a significant amount of delay time from when you hit the buttons, and when the change actually shows up on your screen. THe 250 has a game mode that turns off harware encoding that'll lower your latency to around .05 of seconds of delay, but honestly, your picture won't be very good. Honestly, your best choice, just play it on a tv

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    Quote Originally Posted by alucard View Post
    something like THIS
    The plextor unit would be unplayable
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