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    New to Mac World - Question about upgrade

    I've been a huge PC user for years, until recently when I came across an older Mac that has me loving the Apple computer now.

    I dont know anything about them, a total newbie. The laptop I have is:

    Apple Macintosh Powerbook G3 OS 9.0
    I.E. 4.0 for mac, disk cache 7.96 MB, Virtual Memory 385 MB, Built-In Memory 384 MB, Backside L2 cache 1 MB, Machine ID 312, Model Powerbook G3 Series
    Processor PowerPC G3, Speed 300 MHZ, FPU Bulit-in, Version MAC OS 9.0 and 9.0+, Mac OS 27.4 MB

    I've been checking online at other powerbooks and viewed a few on eBay that have a cool toolbar (large, not little like the toolbar on the 9.0) at the bottom of the screen. I think its Tiger or Panther, OS 10.0???

    I would like to upgrade my OS from 9.0 to 10.0 to have the toolbar, is that possible? what would I need?

    Thanks for all your help!!!

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    It's called the Dock. It's not a toolbar; it's a program switcher/launcher combo.

    It's a feature of all versions of Mac OS X.

    Your machine is detailed here:
    including which versions of the Mac OS it can support.

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    Thank you!!!!!!

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    I know that one should work fine with os 10.2, but you need to max the memory. 512 should do it. It would get you by.

    But really if you want an awesome experience get a new one; A Mac Mini, is cheap if you already have a screen, and USB keyboard & mouse. And it would already have the OS, and all the newer software.

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    Wow if you like OS9 you will be blown away by OSX.
    However, it has slightly steeper requirments. I would also recomend upgrading your computer as much as possible, or just getting a new one. G3's are so old, and at only 300mhz there isnt much you cant do with it.
    Maybe an old G4 iBook or mac mini would be good for you.

    You can find older versions of OSX on ebay for the computer you have now. I recomend 10.3 or 10.2.

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