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    I have been thinking about getting VPC for my iBook. The specs. on my iBook are as follows: G4 800mhz,640MB RAM, 30GB HDD. How would WinXP using VPC run on this. I saw on the VPC's website that they have a version that is $129 as long as you have a copy of Windows. I have a copy of XP and was thinking of buying that version. I need to run some programs from my iBook for our school's play that we are doing. Could someone that has used or owns VPC give me some info/advice on it?

    Thanks in advance.


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    IMO, VPC is best for uses that don't require much speed. Besides the slowness, it works fine.

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    Guest's slow but get's the job done. I am able to connect to our VPN and run our co's Windoze only apps with no problems....VCP makes me apreciate how great OSX is when you see them literally side by side.

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    I have VPC, (Windows 95 to be exact) and it does the job... If you really will use it for more than this school play, then I recommend it, however if you want it for games, forget it; 3D graphics within this program and Mac do not mix, thus unless you are going to use this as often as you eat hot dinners, I do not recommend it...

    Good luck, I hope this helped...

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    I have a 600mhz iBook and i have win98se on it which runs fine. It like using remote desktop on a pc in other words a little slow. xp was killer for me it took forever just to boot and even turning off all the graphical features it still was very slow it works but just slower than 98se.

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