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    Nic M
    Question Sleep/Wake Up Issues
    Recently started using Ext Monitor, B/Tooth mouse & keyboard, (I thoroughly recommend the Formac 20" Display, great value for under 300).

    If I leave MacBook connected to monitor and select sleep mode from the Apple icon, it wakes again when clicking either(b/tooth) device, when it remains connected to the ext monitor. But when I open the lid or physically disconnect the monitor I get no output on the MacBook display and the small white LED goes off. And when I close the lid again it's supposed to go into Sleep mode and therefore the ext monitor should go off.

    When I connect back to the ext monitor, everything is fine, the white LED on the MacBook stays on but I still get nothing on the actual MacBook display but the trackpad/keyboard is responding.

    It's like the machine is in Sleep/Hibernation Mode but yet its still working? Any ideas please?


    PS I have installed the latest firmware update.

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    This may be a long shot but I hope the following link may hopefully shed some light on your confusing problem.

    The second article on the page is about using an external display with a MacBook:

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