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    Is lid warping still an issue... concerned consumer
    Hi there!.

    As it is now December, and the new, second batch of MacBook Pro machines have been released, I simply wanted to ask a question which has been REALLY worrying me:

    Does the MBP lid on the latest batch, still appear bent and/or warped??. I am saving up for the 15.4" model, but if I am wasting my time, and this problem is still evident, maybe I shall not bother .

    Please give some feedback on the LATEST models, as I now feel I may be stupid to invest in a bendy laptop!.


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    I never heard of the lid warping at all. What is your source for this?

    For the record, I have a 1st Gen MBP and the lid is fine.

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    Lid warpage
    I have a 1.83Mhz MBP week 11 production model and the lid is slightly warped. In that when it is shut I can wiggle the lid on the front two corners. I will try and put a picture up for anyone who is confused about what i am on about.

    It may be because the lid is too thin, but in all honesty, I seriously don't worry too much about it. I also have a bit of warpage on the bottom of the laptop due to i think heat.

    I wouldn't let this put you off buying the laptop though, I have had mine since about March time 2006 and I love it to bits, for both how it looks and functions, PLUS if you buy the new Core 2 Duo models, man you get a great deal!! 120Gb hard drive plus a 1Gb ram as standard, PLUS a lot of little fixes both physically and software wise. i wish i was in your shoes to get one of the new ones, as those are both things I would have liked my new laptop to have had when I first got it.

    Not that I am complaining, as I use my laptop for my job, it has more than paid itself back.

    Hopefully someone will post with an answer to your question, but I was in the Apple store in Sheffield (England) and they have the same thing going on with the lid, but not as bad as mine (Man, I'm only talking milimeters here)

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    17 inch mbp 2.16ghz... warped (didn't notice it until this thread though)
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