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    Unhappy Verify Disc Error Message on MBP
    Hello. I have just been backing up files off my laptop as I am bringing it home for Christmas, and thought I would clean it up a little. I went to check and repair disk permissions for the Boot disk, then went to verify the disk and get it to repair any problems it was having as it seemed a tad slow for the past 2 months.

    Then when I asked it to Verify the disk, after a few minutes, this came up...

    Does anyone know what it means, and also how I go about fixing it without spending money on programs? The repair button stays greyed out, so was wondering if anyone has any ideas.

    Thanks in Advance

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    Put the OSX install disk 1 in the drive and boot up with it. Use Disk Utility and choose Repair Disk (you cannot do this from OSX, only when you've booted from the disk first).

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    Unlike "Repair Disk Permissions", "Repair Disk" sometime requires you to boot from the Disk to do the neccessary changes. Like karudzo said, boot from the Installation disk and re-run the "Repair Disk".

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    From the screenshot, it says the volume header needs 'minor repairs'. This probably just means that the free space count needs resetting or something equally trivial. The only reason that you need to reboot to the install disk is that if you arbitrarily change the header of the boot disk, it can cause problems down the line with other processes that use and/or cache that information.

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