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    12 inch ibook and widescreen external monitor
    I am very interested in using an external widescreen lcd monitor with my 12 ibook g4 @ home. I don't really mind that I can't use it as a dual monitor but I don't like the fact that maximum resolution it can support on an external monitor is only 1024x768.

    Is there a software workaround? I heard of some ibook hack but it only supports the dual screen spanning correct?

    I would REALLY REALLY appreciate some help b/c lcd monitor's are getting dirt cheap and I would love to ease of a bigger screen on my eyes.

    appreciate the help

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    you could always go way big by geting a projector

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    mmmm projectors

    ...we use them at my work for school and most of them cost over $5000 each. Even if you get a bigger screen and only do 1024x768 it will still be much bigger then what you have now. Verything will just end up being very big.

    After I posted, I did a little search and came across this...

    This should fix your little problem. You may be able to come up with some more results with search and a "ibook resolution hack" query!

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