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    Mac Freezes Randomly
    I have been having problems with my 15" 1 GHz Powerbook. It started when I upgraded my RAM with a new chip. As soon I put in the new RAM, the machine became unstable and crashed after about five minutes. It had been working fine before. After going to Apple store and having it tested, they determined the logic board needed to be replaced.
    I had the logic board replaced by Apple, but it still has the same problem, although it doesn't freeze as often. They reinstalled OS X so I had a fresh install. One thing was that after the repair I checked the harddrive and found a error on it. I repaired it from the boot CD and it is verified, but I still have the freezing.
    Could the harddisk being damaged lead to a bad install of OS X? And if it's not the logic board, what else could it be?

    Thanks, Ian

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    Is that new stick of RAM still in the machine? If it was dead stable before the RAM and unstable after, it's the RAM. Try removing the RAM and see if it's stable.

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    It was unstable with the old RAM as well, before the repair. So the logic board was at least part of the problem. I need to check if it's unstable with the new RAM after the repair. Thanks!

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    I meant to say, stable with the old RAM after the repair.

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    After some research, I found that freezing is a common problem with some G4 Powerbooks. There is a work-around, although Apple has not acknowledged the problem.

    Here's a link to the apple forums.

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    Most freezes that I have seen are caused by bad RAM and yes there are logic boards that go out also, but it doesn't seem to be as common as the bad RAM problem.

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