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Thread: Screen issue

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    Screen issue
    I have a macbook and I am having a problem with the screen. In one part of the screen I have this scratch from the inside. It almost looks like someone smeared something on the underside of my screen. It started as a "-- o --" pattern and grew to "----- 0 -------" size. It is hard to notice when you have light backgrounds on the screen, but if you play a movie, for example, and when the black hits it, it looks awful. What is wrong with my screen? Can I do anything about? Would the Applecare cover it? Thanks in advance for any responses

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    Call or take it in to Apple ASAP. If you call them and tell them exactly what the problem is, they will tell you if it's covered or not. I read over the warranty info. but they weren't very clear on display coverage. Call them. That's all I know to tell you.
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