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Thread: Defective Batch of New Gen Macbook 2.0 intel ghz?

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    Defective Batch of New Gen Macbook 2.0 intel ghz?
    Ive heard and read some stories on this board about how the new gen of macbook with the 2.0 intel ghz have some defects?

    this isnt surprising as products from the first batch or str8 off the launch of a new model often do have problems...

    is there any validity to this or is it just a rumor?

    i neeed to know asap as i am planning to get a mac soon

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    i havent heard word one about defects in the c2d mb. and ive been looking.

    these machines may be the first batch with the c2d inside, but are in no way the first revision mb. the first gen had their troubles, but id say just go for it if your looking at the c2d.
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    my c2d mb is holing up allright

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    Claims of "widespread defects" always make me chuckle and think of this:
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    A minor, rarely occurring flaw in the device begins to be discussed in the Apple support forums. Whiny, artistic types post lengthy diatribes about how this terrible design flaw has made the device unusable and scarred them emotionally. Electronic petitions are created demanding that Apple replace the devices for free, plus pay for counseling to help traumatized users overcome their emotional distress.
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