I've searched the forum for this problem & got nothing exactly like it, so I hope I'm not making an *** of myself.

I upgraded to a UK Blackbook in September, pretty soon after they came out in the UK. I absolutely love it & it seems to go at lightspeed after my old G4 ibook.

My only problem was a persistent glitch whereby the numlock & capslock would get reversed (i.e. you had to turn them on to get smallcaps & non-numerical keyboard). In addition, the powerlight stayed on full-beam no matter if the book was on or on standby.

I researched some other forums and was told that a PRAM reset would sort the problem, and it did- until the next time I restarted and the whole shebang started again.

The thing is, it never seemed like enough of an issue to take the thing back to the store and be without for a couple of months.

I've just installed the latest SMC firmware update & things seem to be OK, but then they were after the PRAM reset as well. I guess my question is: was there an element of the update specifically designed to deal with this problem, or is it going to come back; and has anyone else had the same issues?

The firmware seems to have sorted my other niggle, which was the fan was running at a speed about 10mins after startup which would make you think I kept the book in the oven when I wasn't using it. The SMC seems to have sorted this as well.

Am I just paying for not waiting a couple of months for apple to sort out their, ahem, usual little niggles with new hardware, or can I now rest easy after the update?

Sorry for the long post