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    usb mouse freakiness

    I have a logitech wireless mouse. When I'm running off battery power on my pb, sometimes the mouse doesn't work unless I have it right in front of the usb reciever. When i plug the powerbook into the wall, I usually don't have any problems. But still I have had problems.....could my walls be blocking the signal...I'm pretty close to the wall when I'm sitting nest to my desk...

    when the computer is not plugged into the wall...are the usb ports not getting enough power to boost the usb recievers signal? Or is it a usb problem where restarting might helP? Thanks

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    I wouldn't think running off external/battery would make a difference to USB peripherals. Have you made sure it isn't the position in which you're working - i.e. you're on a nice level desktop when you're plugged in, but use the mouse on your lap on battery? Also, is it an infrared or RF mouse?

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    Well, even when I'm on a flat surface using the battery it does the same. Umm....It's an RF wireless mouse. So line of sight shouldn't be a problem. Alls I can think is that for some reason my usb ports aren't powering my reciever enough.

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    Ok, so having problems with the mouse still. I said above, it works fine when I'm plugged in. Today however, it isn' I tried something a little different. I tried making the mouse higher up. I put a couple magazines under the mouse pad. It works fine now...I haven't tried it unplugged from the wall though...but it seems it need a more straight on "view" of the reciever. Though I thought with an rf mouse that it didn't matter as long as you were within distance? because of the way my desk mouse sits about 4 or five inches lower than my computer...this could've made the seems to be fixed for now..but that is weird...

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